New 2.0 version

Hi people,

Yesterday i publish the new 2.0 version of our project. There are lots of changes and i need help of all to know if everything is working fine in every operational system and language. Please help us in development sending your operational system, primary language, java version and experience with our software.

One of our objectives is make this program work with Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and all other characters than Latin. If someone is using this program with one of these langages, please send your experience.

If someone find some bug or want suggest something please send me one message with the contact.


Romanian subs

I have some romanian subs it willl not translate them at all

Re: Romanian subs

Hi, please send your subtitle by mail to alexandrehaguiar at so i'll make some tests.

I have worked hard in the last days to release version 2.1 with several fixes. I hope that releasing it until the weekend.